Carlos' Projects Page

Software, Security and Web resources I maintain

  • H2O Webserver Stack Overflow [March 18th, 2019] I discovered a vulnerability in the H2O Web server, a high performance web server and web library.

  • Research in Evolutionary Algorithms EA (Python/R src) Here I post some of the resources (source code, input data, automation scripts, etc) of a research project/paper I worked on during my time as a research student at The University of Tokyo under professor Fukunaga. It might come in handy for those of you interested in optimization or meta-heuristics. Python, R and C bindings for running benchmarks. And here is the white paper that I wrote for this project.

  • Faxanadu Game Remake (C++ src 943KBs) Long time ago, between high school and right before attending university, I joined the Retro Remakes programming contest (England, 2003) as a challenge to test my recently learned C++ programming skills (OOP). I created and submitted a remake of the popular 8 bit Nintendo game FAXANADU. The file contains the original competition entry with source code in C++, including a nice level editor for the game.

    At the time I was 19 years old, self-taught programmer with tight development schedule for the competition - so don't take the code too seriously. You can still find references to the game entry in the competition if you search online by "Faxanadu Carlos Ramirez".

    Screenshot of the game, brings back so many good memories...
    Note: Graphics and media were taken from online RPG game fan communities - if I recall correctly. H2O Webserver crash - yoml__resolve_merge()

  • Online Japanese Courses (MOOC) I am the webmaster, camera man, video editor/producer, game programmer and sometimes course tutor at - a community of over 10,000 Latin American students interested in learning the Japanese language.

    During my time as a master degree student in Japan I did some research on the impact of Human Error on the quality of information processed and stored in information systems, in particular I was interested in failure of human operators when typing on the keyboard. In order to collect some initial data I created a website where beginner students of Japanese language could practice typing Hiragana and Katakana from regular qwerty keyboards. The website has grown into a community of over 10,000 students of Japanese language. It also has a Youtube Channel

  • Memorizable Keylogger - The ultimate attack Now I will show you crazy. I created a tiny key-logger written in ASM and memorized it's machine code (hex representation). I wanted to prove the point to my colleagues that, the "secure" windows machine isolated from the network with no USB ports - one could deliver the payload by just typing it. The file includes source code for fasm and the actual printout (pdf) I used at the time.

Coming soon

  • Optimization of game levels with DE Algorithms The Crystal programming language is a statically type-checked programming language with a syntax similar to that of Ruby. Crystal programs compile to native code giving you the best of both worlds - simple syntax for fast development and fast program execution. As a way to get started in crystal, I created this small project that generates 2D mazes (text-based) optimized by rules evolved by a DE algorithm. Never mind my bad crystal. Next steps: Load/Render these mazes in Oculus VR system ;-)

  • Zip bombs for humans and for bots
    There was a time when a considerable amount of my website traffic was consumed by other websites streaming directly from my site and bots constantly scanning, spidering new content. This is the story of how I got rid of the bad actors for good.

  • Ghost writing like a boss: Anti Virus evasion for fun and profit.